Possessing a pseudonym that promotes an often underrated eating utensil can be an eyebrow raiser. Attending events while wearing said utensil can be a conversation starter. Being equipped with a story that explains both simply provides an order to everything. I wouldn’t say my life is in a complete order in anyway whatsoever. However, I would attest that the passion fueling it has thus far filled me with the satisfaction needed to choose ‘content’ as my preferred C word. In simpler terms, hello, I am Sterling Anno. Also known as, The Spork Guy. I am a filmmaker (Well, video artist), Film Festival Coordinator and Podcaster, who like many is enamored with the thought of telling and absorbing stories told through the literal eyes of others. The realm of motion picture story telling is a place I’ve always felt safe, happy and in control. It’s the one thing I know enough about to confidently wield that aforementioned control.

Roxy Theatre
Sterling filming “No Manners” on September 22, 2011 at the Roxy Theater in West Hollywood, CA.

For the longest time I’ve felt truly lucky to have the ability to enjoy the vast majority of what cinema has to offer. I’ve had many friends and met many movie goers who all have their “thing”. Horror fans, indie snobs, blockbuster junkies and those who only seek out  the elusive Oscar™ contender. For some reason, I just have an obsession with taking in enough knowledge and viewing experience with whatever titles come my way. Whether it’s from the French New Wave, the Punk Rock Docs of the late 70’s/early 80’s, the extreme cynicism of Bobcat Goldthwait, the experimental controversy of Kenneth Anger or the Tromatic masterpieces of the brother’s Kaufman. I simply love, if not see the good, in most cinema I happen to see. Although I’m quite partial to documentaries, that’s in no way my endgame when it comes to my choice of viewership. I choose to intake and regurgitate most everything, so without further ado, welcome to The Microcinema Savant. Let us commence the vomiting, shall we?

– The Spork Guy