Although not a post regarding the presence of underground cinema, a weekly posting of the most recent episode(s) of The Cut Speakuence Podcast. In an easily observed downward spiral witnessed within the last few years of modern cinema, the superhero laden blockbuster had indeed blocked out the majority of what movie-goers used to know as, “variety”. No, not the monthly magazine publication that’s partially responsible for the growth of this tired genre. I’m of course referring to the actual existence of humanity’s freedom of box office choice, represented in the physical manifestation of options. Those were once a little more plentiful. Don’t get me wrong, they still are to a huge extent(though, even more so via the wonderful world of VOD platforming). However, knowing that each of the big studios are in a way, still betting on this action-adventure subdivision to pay the bills after 8 long years is in a big way, hurting our ability to see more original creations flourish. On this episode of the podcast, Kevin Manley and I discuss the latest in super-cinematic-universe mistakes: David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. True, we all know people who have, apparently(more like allegedly), enjoyed this… for lack of a cleaner term, complete and utter piece of shit. I could go on and on about the passionless execution, incomprehensible editing and careless decision making regarding the overall story structure… but that’s why the Soundcloud like is below after all.

Kubo and the Two Strings, the latest piece of beauty by Laika, is also delved into quite a bit. Although not without its own flaws, it does the trick at shielding our unrelenting anger toward SS much more so than the peach flavored mochi did, which we had on deck throughout our ramble. Lastly, though I know for the most part we’re all adults here, Explicit Language warning. Heed is need be.

P.S. For a somewhat shorter version of what’s basically said about Suicide Squad in the podcast, please check out my downright masterful review of it on Letterboxd, here.

– The Spork Guy