There’s something oddly rewarding about not knowing how to properly describe a specific cinematic experience. Some excursions into the experimental unknown result in primarily that. Robert (Bob) Judd is a gifted, award-winning experimental artist & filmmaker who’s work was honored via inclusion on the amazing, but sadly ‘short’ lived DVD magazine, SHORT. Each edition of this innovative publication was uniquely separated by title, theme and tone. Volume 6 of this series was entitled, “Insanity”, which mainly dealt with material considered dark, mean spirited or containing a lack of humanity. Thus is where this article’s subject matter comes into play. Simply put, Bovine Vendetta is a 2 1/2 minute experimental nightmare. Utilizing multiple live action and computer animation based techniques to create its sporadic visual style, the film does a great job of inflicting an artificial state of pandemonium upon the viewer. Featuring a narration by none other than cult leader Charles Manson, Judd describes the short as a satirical look at our culture’s odd obsession with Manson and all the lore his name attracts. There really isn’t much else to say regarding this piece in general. It’s work like this that generates some of the most interesting opinion, interpretation and general discussion within the craft. So without further ado, enjoy.



Bob Judd has a Youtube Channel you can access here. There are a few more avant-garde videos within it’s confines, but if you were to ask me, the video you just saw is its crowning glory(and rightfully so). For further information on not just Judd, but transgressive cinema as a whole, please refer to his detailed website here.

– The Spork Guy