Rarely, but all too possibly, there will be films you watch that you simply cannot summon enough words to thoroughly describe. Kevin Smith’s Yoga Hosers is one of those movies. Teetering on the edge of decent or passable, his latest entry into the True North Trilogy doesn’t incite much discussion beyond its basic attempts at harmless Canadian stereotypes, hard to decipher inside jokes and purposely out of place performances. Not that I wouldn’t avoid recommending it to anyone, but I would easily pick those of whom I do rather safely. After discussing a few alternative films that Kevin and I had recently watched prior to this one, we get into to the topic of Smith rather swiftly. That is until Kevin had to leave in order to pick up his wife somewhere. In all honestly, the topic was destined to be cut short from the very start, regardless of how marvelous the fact is that such a movie was even crafted in the first place. Enjoy.


– The Spork Guy