There’s a common conclusion passed around that film school definitely isn’t for everyone. Some people slog through until a rather expensive piece of paper is handed over. Others decide to jump ship before the word thesis has even been mentioned. In the case of indie filmmaker Skinner Myers, a middle ground between the two is finely tread. Myers, a former attendee of USC’s film program, has found a solid path toward success without the extended hand that cinematic schooling promises its students. Having dropped-out and began his own fully-fledged productions on his(as well as his talented crew’s)own merit, Skinner has already obtained more attention and audience that the majority of most of the University’s past and present alumni. Having submitted his most recent production, “The Land of Exodus“, to almost 500 film festivals, the film will soon have played at close to 100 of them(Oceanside being one of such).

Possessing a wide range of festival knowledge obtained during his extensive submission and attending processes, Skinner shares with us a great deal of insight. This episode of The Cut Speakuence delves into the pluses and minuses of film schooling just as much as it does with film fest tips and tricks. Learning right from the mouth of someone who’s been there is a great rule of thumb. Especially when that someone is all now a film professor himself. Yes, you read that correctly. Professor Myers tends to teach his students in ways most beneficial to their immediate futures, always keeping in mind that they will most all go the same route as he. If we all had teachers like this, I’m sure everything from paying taxes to DMV trivia would be all but second nature. This is an educational talk like none other before it(on this podcast at least). From guerilla filmmakers to the more traditional faire, this discussion will and has already come in handy to those who kept an ear properly positioned. Enjoy.



Furthermore, here is the trailer for Skinner’s film, The Land of Exodus –

– The Spork Guy