Ok, let’s face it. We all know many an individual who finds the very thought of donating blood comparable to that of having an organ stolen, as if they were in some off-beat remake of Turistas. It can be an intimidating notion for anyone who’s never done so themselves, pretty much like any other worthwhile experience is on the first go-around. However, to provide the life sustaining fuel that just might save another’s life is just as powerful an idea as it could be an anxiety inducing one. If one ever needed a little encouragement in order to make the empathetic sacrifice, look no further than those who are not only used to donating it themselves, but downright spilling it up until the end credits roll. There’s just something about the horror industry getting behind this particular cause that simply goes together like plasma worn machetes at summer camp. Combine this with one my favorite annual worldwide celebrations regarding the genre and you’ve got not only a great multi-cause event, but a chance to see collaborations you otherwise wouldn’t at any other time of the year(if not potentially ever).

The Twisted Twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska
The Twisted Twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska

The universally renowned Soska Sisters are back to hold their yearly tradition of raising blood donation awareness in conjunction with Women in Horror Month. Jen and Sylvia have once again pulled together a wonderfully supportive group of filmmakers to take part in yet another visually & musically stimulating mash-up PSA of the many curated short films. As usual, the music video acts as both a stand alone piece of art, as well as a teaser for the multitude of distinctive shorts that have been and are still being released in its wake. Of course the primary purpose of such a vivid arrangement is to help rally the droves of hopeful donors to a needle nearest them. As someone who’s given blood multiple times throughout my life(& not to mention loves his fair share of slasher sequels), I can’t possibly fortify myself behind this cause anymore stalwartly. Without further ado and compiled together via the song “Blood” by Kevvy(Kevin James Maher)of Fake Shark fame, feast your eyes on the masterpiece 2017 has provided for us:

Of all featured segments in this year’s WIHM bundle, the one I’m personally most excited for would be the short entitled, “Las Cholas”. If one remembers my review of Ryan Cassleman’s Our Barrio, I have quite the soft spot for Latin American culture being represented on film. Thus, when I saw director Patricia Chica was dressing her segment in such a theme, I nearly lost it in excitement!

Las Cholas United

With a story regarding a group of cholas who are on a beverage delivery mission for vegan-vampire couple, this promises to be a love letter combining many modern Los Angeles tropes in an incredibly entertaining fashion. Starring horror icons Tiffany Shepis, Eileen Dietz, Philip Friedman, Devanny Pinn & Tonya Kay…


While on the quick note of Tonya Kay, if you(yes, you reading this right now)have not yet seen the film “Bastard” directed by my friend Patrick Robert Young & Powell Robinson, then finish reading this whole thing quickly so you can drop your agenda in order to do so. Not only is it one of the best indie-horror films of 2015, but it is hands down one of the best inclusions in the “8 Films to Die For” label to this very day. With an unforgettable role by Tonya Kay, it’s something I can recommend to any gem-hunting horror fan.

A much deserved win.


…Las Cholas also features Ivan Sharudo, an appearance by producer Michelle Romano and a cameo by writer/director Patricia Chica herself.

“I appear in the video as a Chola, not because I want to be on camera, but because I needed to be inside the convertible car with the actresses, so I could direct them and give instructions to the cinematographer Rachel Dunn. I also did camera B myself while the car was moving on the road. That’s why I dressed up like a Chola, to look like I belonged in there”, explains director Patricia Chica.


Well, we’re glad this directing tactic worked out so well, as we couldn’t be happier to have her as one of the gang! In addition, the actresses have even made a vlog for the fans & world at large, promoting both the massive blood drive, as well as Las Cholas’ upcoming release later this year.

I truly hope all will go out and donate blood this year for the many people in need. Cause let’s be honest, if horror film’s could produce said blood themselves, Peter Jackson would’ve already provided us an infinite supply back in 1992. Since this simply isn’t our reality, it’s up to us fellow horror fans. Also, stay mindful that Women In Horror Month must be celebrated! Thus, be sure to do so by attending the many worldwide events this year, on top of binging a helping dose of female directed and headlined horror films at home. With San Diego Film Week starting this Friday in sunny So-Cal, I know I’ll be doing just that:

The Appointment by Pia Thrasher


The Highway by Susan Davis

Credit: Christopher Payne
Credit: Christopher Payne

Postpartum by Izzy Lee


Bionic Girl by Stephanie Cabdevila


and of course, Night of the Slasher by Shant Hamassian


See you at the movies!

– The Spork Guy