The Microcinema Savant

Excavating the Gems of Independent Cinema

About The Author

Originally from Orange County and having called every corner of Southern California his home at one point or another, Sterling Anno was inspired to work in the film industry ever since he watched Sam Raimi’s Army of Darkness(1993) and Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive(1992) at the age of 8. Since then he’s established himself as a filmmaker, film festival coordinator and marketing specialist with more than a decade’s worth of experience in a variety of mediums.


Having successfully produced and curated numerous events on humble allocations, he believes the best resources in life can be found when looking outside the confines of tradition. Holding additional part-time roles as a reporter, podcaster and writer, Sterling doesn’t consider himself an artist, but rather a catalyst bringing together those who otherwise would. Sterling can be found online via his preferred pseudonym, The Spork Guy.


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