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Submit Your Film For Review

Submit your film to me via email and I’ll review it for free! Why? Because finding outlets for review is hard enough as it is. As members of the indie-cinema game, we need to find ways to bounce off each other for support in order to sustain a pulse. I personally love it when I come across an outlet willing to give an honest review to something I’ve worked on. Thus, I figure its time to give back and do for you what I’d love someone else do for me.

To Submit:

1.) Send me a link to your film(any length is fine by me), along with a synopsis and any other notes I should know before going into it.

2.) If link is password protected, make sure the password you give me observes its proper case-sensitivity. Sending someone who wants to give you free publicity an incorrect password isn’t the best way of going about that.

3.) Include your contact information, primarily your social media handles, so that I may efficiently blast out the reviews once they’re live.

I only accept digital screeners, do not ask me for a physical address. Lastly, I will not only review them here, but also on Letterboxd(if your film has a pre-existing page there)and will give it a shout out/mini-review on a future episode of The Cut Speakuence Podcast. You will be contacted again once said episode is live as well. Looking forward to seeing your art!!!

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